Meat Head Leaves his Job

Is he really a meathead? Or just the head of the federal agency on meat and poultry inspections? The latter. It doesnt automaticaly mean he is a meathead....but he could be. Then again, after he has resigned, he aint a meat head any more.

Be Afraid - I see Dead People

You are afraid something is wrong? What, with the situation, or your mental health. You werent terribly clear about that honey.

Thats a Long Pregnancy

How must the woman be feeling after a long 22 months pregnancy. And they say 9 months is a long time.

Chicken Dinner Road Danger

Chicken Dinner Road? Somebody actually named it this? Wow.

Jimmy Carter''s Burial Plans Headline

funny news headline about jimmy carter's burial plans home town excitedIm not sure that it is a good thing for people to get excited about Jimmy Carter's burial plans. Im sure they still like him.

Dont Die from Spinach Salad Recipe

funny recipe for spinich salad to die from You dont really want to die from this spinich salad do you? Does look tasty though.

Funny Car Accident Report

funny news story about man who called police to check on his own car accident I wonder if this idiot, calling to check on his own accident, actually left his name? Caller ID might have found him out. Now thats one stupid person.