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Bull in Church?

From the New York Post

Ah, nothing like spirits to go with spiritual guidance.

Booze was on hand and a mechanical bull inspired the sermon as a new church held its inaugural service in a Sidney, Ohio, bar.

The barroom church is an offshoot of the town's United First Methodist Church, whose head pastor says he's been looking for creative ways to reach people in unconventional places.

The Rev. Chris Heckaman's sermon compared staying on the bar's mechanical bull to learning how to get along in life.

Sounds like, uh, bull, but the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

An on-duty Oregon cop who parked illegally in front of a restaurant while getting some food was slapped with several tickets - by an attorney fed up with his conduct.

Eric Bryant issued "citizen-initiated violations" with $450 in fines to Officer Chad Stensgaard for illegal parking and illegal operation of an emergency vehicle.

Stensgaard allegedly told Bryant, "If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able to park in front of your house or have to park three blocks away and walk there?"

A library in London lets its members borrow people.

The human books - who are ready to talk about a variety of subjects - are available for 30-minute chats, which take place in the "Living Library."

You can't take them home, so there's no problem with overdue fines.

He's on the rocks.

A Chinese man broke a world record by spending 90 minutes in a tank full of ice.

The daughter of 43-year-old Wang Jintu said the new record-holder has always been able to handle the cold.

"Most of the time, he just wears short pants, even in the winter," she said.